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Wall Mounted Aquariums

Please choose a category of wall aquariums below or Buy Wall Aquarium
AquaVista 500 wall aquariums
AquaVista Wall Aquariums
Contemporary Wall Aquarium
Contemporary Wall Mounted Aquariums

What is a wall mounted aquarium?
Frequently asked questions about wall aquariums
Why your clients & customers will love your Wall aquarium

Background information about wall aquariums

Owning a fish aquarium is very fun, satisfying, and relaxing.  However, the appeal of owning a fish tank does not come from the design of the tank itself.  In the past, the highlight of owning a fish tank has come from observing and maintaining a healthy aquarium. The most a person could do to enhance the appearance of his/her fish aquarium was to spend countless hours researching plants, fish, and aquarium decoration. Now, because of wall aquariums, aquarists can enjoy both the aquarium habitat and the exterior design of their aquariums, without hours of research. The wall aquarium and other deluxe aquariums have changed the fish hobby forever.  

The unique design and style of wall aquariums is motivating many active fish hobbyists as well as previously disenchanted fish owners to invest in an aquarium change.  Wall aquariums are sure to please at any level of experience, whether you are a formerly disenchanted fish hobbyist, an active fish keeper, or new to the aquarium world.

Wall aquariums have changed the awkward, space consuming “fish tank” into an aesthetically pleasing, innovative, space-sensitive aquarium and piece of art.  Wall aquariums allow aquarists to make their aquarium environment exciting without having to spend hours researching aquarium designs and landscapes.  Wall aquariums, or Aquavista wall mounted aquariums change the emphasis of a fish tank from the layout inside of the aquarium, to the design of the aquarium itself.  The ingenuity and eye-pleasing design of wall aquariums, as well as the limited maintenance they require is sure to make your wall aquarium the centerpiece of conversation in your home or office. 

From the hectic and cramped lifestyle of a college student to the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle of a retiree, the easy maintenance and space-sensitive design of wall aquariums make wall aquariums perfect for everyone, regardless of one’s schedule or living arrangements.

BENEFITS of a wall Mounted aquarium in Your BUSINESS or OFFICE:

If you are a business professional looking to enhance your office with something original and different, our wall aquariums are the perfect way to impress your customers.  A wall aquarium will entertain waiting customers and leave them impressed with the design and uniqueness of your business.

Traditional aquariums in a waiting room or office serve as an excellent centerpiece for conversation with customers.  They also enhance your business environment by making your office more aesthetically appealing and customer friendly.  An aquarium instantly gives customers a way to enjoy the environment of your office.  Studies show that watching fish is relaxing, which is a benefit in any office where patients and customers are often frustrated or nervous.  However, there are drawbacks to maintaining a traditional fish aquarium in an office environment. 

Many aquariums in professional offices are very large and space consuming.  The large size of many aquariums requires businesses to hire a fulltime maintenance person to clean the aquarium in order to avoid algae and aquarium buildup.  An aquarium filled with green algae sends warning signs to customers about sloppiness and disorganization, and no professional wants a customer’s first impression of his/her business to be a dirty aquarium.  Wall aquariums solve the problem of space consuming fish tanks that require high maintenance.

The wall aquarium hangs on the wall like a picture and because of the space saved, one can maximize the use of his/her office space, which might have previously been occupied by a bulky fish tank.  In addition, because of the excellent design of the wall aquarium, maintenance is easy and one can maintain a deluxe aquarium in his/her office with minimal effort.

Customers will love the wall aquarium in your office.  A wall aquarium instantly gives customers something exciting to talk about with professionals.  A wall aquarium will entertain little children.  In addition, a wall aquarium will make the work environment in one’s office more enjoyable for employees.  A wall aquarium will also provide a unique way for customers to remember the pleasant atmosphere of your business, and help them differentiate your business from competitors.

BENEFITS of a Wall Aquarium in your HOME:

Looking for something to enhance your home but don’t have the space, or time to maintain a traditional aquarium?  Whether you live in a crowded apartment or a luxury beach house, a wall aquarium will fit into your home.  Regardless of your lifestyle, whether you are enjoying retirement, or living a hectic schedule managing family and work, a wall aquarium and other deluxe aquariums, like the Biorb that will fit your lifestyle.

A wall aquarium makes an excellent gift:

A wall aquarium or deluxe aquarium will make the perfect gift for a family, friend, or associate.  Because of the low maintenance of the contemporary wall aquarium and other deluxe aquariums, you will not need to worry about placing a burden on a friend by giving them a wall aquarium.  With its excellent design and minimum maintenance needed, the wall aquarium will be a pleasant surprise for any recipient, whether that person is a child, or the ‘person who has everything.’

For set up and maintenance information about Wall Aquariums please see the maintenance section of our website.

Wall Aquarium Maintenance



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