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Wall aquarium information: benefits, drawbacks & more

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What is a wall aquarium
Benefits of a wall mounted aquarium
Drawbacks of a wall mounted aquarium
Customer feedback about wall aquariums
Criticisms of Wall aquariums
Additional Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a wall aquarium?

A wall aquarium is a fish tank that is mounted to a wall or hung on a wall like a painting or a plasma t.v. Wall aquariums are typically only 4-6 inches thick, this thickness is what allows the aquarium to be mounted on the wall.

Many people have seen plasma fish tanks and animated, framed aquarium pictures that hang on walls and think that these are wall aquariums. However, a wall aquarium is a real fish tank that hangs on a wall. The only difference between wall aquariums and regular fish tanks is that wall mounted aquariums hang on a wall.

Benefits of wall mounted aquariums

1. Save a lot of space that traditional aquariums need and they can fit in almost any apartment.
2. Unique and aesthetic design, allows the aquarium to literally be a mounted piece of art on your wall.
3. They are great conversation pieces.
4. Some wall mount fish tanks have the filter, heater, light, and other necessities built into the tank, which saves additional money and is less complicated to maintain.

What are the drawbacks of wall mounted aquariums?

1. The 4-6 inch depth of the wall mounted fish tanks
A. The depth of wall fish tanks limits the type and amount of fish that can be kept in the aquariums.
B.The depth limits the type of decorations, plants, and accessories you can put in your aquarium.
2. They are more expensive than a traditional fish tank.
3 Some wall aquariums are not suitable for salt water fish.

What wall aquarium owners say:

Have a wall aquarium and want to let others know how it has been? Email us your opinions to

- "I love my wall aquarium. I have it against a red wall and it looks great. It really adds to the atmosphere of my home." - Jackie, Utah

What critics say about wall aquariums:

-"I don't like the idea of wall aquariums, small/narrow/generally not cool for fish to live in. I think that a large, real aquarium, built into a wall, is a beautiful thing!"-anonymous

-"I don't really care for "picture aquariums" as they are just too thin for most fish to live comfortably. Depending on the gallonage, possibly some neon tetras, or dwarf puffers, or a betta."-anonymous

What kind of fish can I put in my wall aquarium?

Below is a list of recommended fish for your wall mounted fish tank. This is not a comprehensive list, and other fish may be suitable depending on the type and size of your wall aquarium. When buying fish be sure to find out how big they will grow and if they have any requirements that you will not be able to meet with your aquarium.

betta fish, guppies, neons, kuhli loaches, tetras, whiteclouds, dwarf puffers (freshwater)

For additional fish that might be compatible with your wall mounted aquarium research tropical fish online, or talk to your local pet store employee.





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