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Wall Aquarium Installation, Maintenance, & cleaning Information

Aquavista 500 Installation Instructions
Aussie Wall Aquarium Installation Instructions
How to clean your Wall Mounted Aquarium

For installation instructions please click on the appropriate Brand of wall aquarium.
For wall aquarium cleaning instructions please see below

Aquavista 500 Wall Aquarium

Aussie Aquariums -Contemporary Wall Aquariums

aquavista 500 wall aquarium aussie aquariums wall aquarium

How to clean your wall aquarium

Supplies you will need to clean your wall aquarium:
1. 5 or 10 gallon bucket
2. Siphon Hose
3. Fish net
4. Stool or Chair
5. Water conditioner (dechlorinator)
6. Test kit or strip to test the water
7. Cup or glass

Wall Aquarium Cleaning Instructions

1. Use your siphon hose and drain 15-20% of the water from your fish tank into the bucket. (While siphoning the water stir the rocks or gravel on the bottom of your aquarium so that the siphon will suck up fish waste that has sunk to the bottom of the aquarium).
2. After you have finished draining water from your tank, get rid of the water you drained. (sidenote: old fish water is great for house plants and gardens because of the fish waste).
3. Fill the 5 gallon bucket with tapwater that is the same temperature as the water in your fish tank and treat it with a water conditioner.
4. While the water level is a little lower in your tank, scrub the sides of your wall aquarium with a soft cloth to get rid of any algae that may be growing on the grass.
5. After the water has been treated, transfer the new water into your wall aquarium until it is filled sufficiently




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