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How do I clean my wall fish bowl or other fish bowl?

If your fish bowl is not overfed or overcrowded, your fish bowl should only need to be cleaned once or twice a week.  These water changes can be done easily in just a few minutes. 

How do I change the Water in my Fish Bowl (Recommended weekly)

1. Dechlorinate and treat water to replace the water you will discard (about 20% of your fish bowl’s volume), and let the new water sit while you clean your fishbowl
2. Gently pour the fish and the old water into a clean container
3. Rinse & scrub the bowl, decorations, and gravel.  (Do not use soap)
4. Place gravel and decorations back into the bowl
6. Pour 80% of the old water back into the bowl with your fish (avoid pouring the waste that sits on the bottom back into the bowl)
6A. Try scooping cupfuls of water into the fish bowl, then the old waste won’t be poured back into the fish bowl.  (Use a net to transfer fish into the bowl)
7. Pour the new, conditioned water into the bowl

For additional fish and tips about maintaining and keeping fish in your fish bowl, ask your local pet store employee, or email us at



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