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What fish should I put in my glass or other fish bowl?

If you are contemplating putting goldfish into your glass fish bowl or wall hanging fish bowl, you might want to think again.  If you do a google search about goldfish and small fish bowls you will find many sources that advise against keeping goldfish in small fishbowls.
            Goldfish are often housed in fishbowls because they are a very hardy fish, not because they do well in fish bowls.  Healthy goldfish grow quickly and can outgrow a fish bowl in a short amount of time.  Goldfish create a lot of waste in a very short time.  That waste creates ammonia, which is a toxin poisonous to fish.  The fish waste turns aquarium water murky and the walls of the fish bowl slimy, requiring frequent water changes and cleaning. 

If I don't put goldfish in my fish bowl, what type of fish should I get?

There are a few fish that can do well in a fish bowl environment.  They are all small, and don’t need a heater or filtration system.

1. Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta)
2. Guppies
3. White Clouds



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