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How do I start and set up my Glass fish bowl?

1. Obtain your fish bowl
2. Obtain cultured gravel (optional)
3. Plant aquatic plants- Java Moss or Anacharis (optional-for large fish bowls)
4. Dechlorinate the water with a water conditioner
5. Add fish & other animals– bettas, whiteclouds, guppies, ghost shrimp (will eat food on bottom), dwarf african frog (ask petstore about maintenance), mystery snails

If not overfed or overcrowded, a properly stocked fish bowl will need to be cleaned once to twice a week. Gently pour the fish and old water into another clean container. Scrub and rinse bowl, gravel and decorations - use no soaps or detergents! Fill with “ready” water from above ready” water from above or proceed again from “starting up”. Use a small aquarium net to transfer fish back from the temporary container.



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