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Information about Wall hanging fish bowls and other fish bowl aquariums

Fish bowls are a great alternative to keeping a complete aquarium set up that can be very costly and time consuming. A fish bowl is small and fits on most desks and tables and allows people to keep fish without the cost and time requirement of owning a full aquarium set up.

Fish Bubble Wall Hanging Fish Bowls

Installation Instructions
Maintenance suggestions
Partial & Complete Cleaning Instructions

Glass Fish Bowls & Other Fish Bowls

What fish should I put in my glass fish bowl?
What supplies will I need for my fish bowl?
How do I start and set up my fish bowl?
How do I clean my wall fish bowl or other fish bowl, and do water changes?(Recommended weekly)

Fish Bowl Environment

Fish bowls have a few characteristics that limit the type and quantity of fish that one can keep inside of a fish bowl.  Wall fish bowls and everyday fishbowls have:

  • Small water volume
  • No filtration system or air pump (unless one is added)
  • No heater (unless one is added) 


What does this mean for me?

The above characteristics of fish bowls mean that many fish will not be able to live in your fishbowl because most tropical fish require water that is warmer than room temperature, a filter that creates air circulation, and large water volume.  Also, many fish grow several inches in length, which requires an upgrade to a larger aquarium.

For set up and maintenance of fish bubble wall fish bowls, or other fish bowls please see the information below.



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