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The Aussie Vista Wall Mounted Aquarium Buy Wall Mounted Aquariums

Aussie Vista Wall Mounted Aquarium

The Vista Aussie Aquarium offers a more compact longitudinal solution than the panoramic but still creates a bold modern statement. This model is perfect for someone who likes the horizontal look of the panoramic wall aquarium, but needs something a bit more narrow. A glamorous look for any home or office. The Vista wall aquarium includes a multi-function submersible water filter, custom-fit light, glass lid, marine background, fish net, siphon cleaner, grabber tongs and mounting brackets with hardware.

$899.95 (Check our online store for current wall aquarium sale prices)
Dimensions: 46.0" x 17" x 4.5"
Volume: 5 gallons
Weight: 65 lbs.

How do I install and set up my Contemporary Aussie wall aquarium?

For set up and maintenance information about Wall Aquariums please see the maintenance section of our website.
Contemporary Aussie Wall Aquarium Maintenance & Set Up Information



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