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Tropical Fish you can put in your Wall Aquarium

Contemporary line of Wall Mounted Aquariums:Buy Contemporary Wall Mounted Aquariums

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Select one of the wall aquarium styles below for additional pictures and product details:

Aussie Standard Wall Mounted Fish Aquarium
The Standard Wall Aquarium

Aussie Concave Wall Mounted Fish Aquarium
The Concave Wall Aquarium

Aussie Mega Wall Mounted Aquarium
The Mega Wall Aquarium
Aussie Panoramic Wall Mounted Fish Aquariums
The Panoramic Wall Aquarium
       Aussie Mini Wall Mounted Fish Aquarium
Mini Wall Mounted Aquarium
Aussie Porthole Wall Mounted Aquarium
Porthole Wall Aquarium
Aussie Vista Wall Mounted Fish Aquariums
The Vista Wall Mounted Aquarium

Buy Contemporary Aussie Aquariums

The Contemporary line of wall-mounted aquariums are made with a cutting edge design are built with only the best materials.  These wall-mounted aquariums are a chic and hip addition to any home or office decor. They present the image and dimensions of a hanging plasma television, but contain an inner world of aquatic life. These wall aquariums are an amazing conversation piece and a great space-saving addition to any room. These wall-mounted aquariums are sure to please the senses. They take the beauty of an everyday aquarium and turn it into a work of art...literally! They are hanging fish tanks with beautiful design and color. You can decorate your new aquarium with any ornaments, gravel, sea rocks or shells that you like. Customize your wall aquarium any way you want. At only 4.5" deep and with up to 21 gallons of water, our Contemporary line of wall aquariums create a spectacular world for a variety of aquatic life.

All the basics needed for your dream wall aquarium are included...

  • an innovative multi-function submersible water filter
  • a custom fit lighting fixture
  • a pre-cut custom lid
  • a colorful aquatic background
  • mounting brackets with hardware
  • basic fish supplies, including a fish net, siphon cleaner, and grabber tongs.

How do I install and set up my Contemporary Aussie wall aquarium?

For set up and maintenance information about Wall Aquariums please see the maintenance section of our website.

Aussie Aquariums Wall Aquarium Maintenance & Set Up Information

Contemporary Wall Mounted Aquarium List

Mini Wall Mounted Aquarium
Porthole Wall Aquarium
Standard Wall Mounted Aquarium
Concave Wall Aquarium
Vista Wall Mounted Aquarium
Panoramic Wall Hanging Aquarium
Mega Wall Mounted Aquarium

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